This DVD describes various activities of a great Saint Supreme Master Ching Hai in awakening a peaceful planet from preaching the Quan Yin Method and teaching people how to realize their greatness and wisdom within to helping victims of urgent need and helpless animal co-inhabitants by providing material assistance. The Supreme Master also creates various art works to awaken human being’s inner memory of truth goodness and beauty and to express the return of a merciful way of living. Besides being awarded numerous times due to Her humanitarian works She has established a series of awards to honor organizations and individuals with outstanding contributions so as to exemplify their noble example of actions for the world. In facing the impact of drastic climate change She further advocates via interviews and video conferences that by simply changing to a vegetarian diet we can stop global warming and thus lead the globe into a heavenly Golden Age. Occasion: Spirituality & Art Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English French German Korean Malay Persian Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai Number of DVDs: 2