Highlights In one gathering Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned that the human body is unimaginable – the best creation of all. She also said LOVE is the source of enlightenment. When we have love in our hearts we’ll do everything selflessly and correctly because when we are selfless our ego is the least and God power can easily direct us to the right direction. The Supreme Master also emphasized that we should try our best to create Heaven on Earth. Even if we cannot change the whole world at least we can change our own small world and create our own small Heaven. It doesn’t have to be big; a pocket-sized heaven is also very good. We may carry it around and share with whomever we meet. Date: 02/08 22 03.14 07/17 26 09/21/2009 Place: France Occasion: International Seminar Language: English & Chinese Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Spanish Thai Number of DVDs: 1