Highlights: Through a story of loyalty dedicated to King Rama from his younger half-brother Supreme Master Ching Hai once again kindly reminds us not to wish for things that belong to others nor ask anyone of anything under any name. Since we long for a society of goodness we should pioneer to be a person of good virtue. She said “Charity begins at home – here. Yes we do it first before we can expect any neighbors to do it.” What is the Loving Quality (LQ) between humans and other animals? Why is there that difference? How have the Masters forsaken their saintly position upon descending on Earth to teach their disciples? How can one develop his/her own Loving Quality? The Supreme Master explained that all creations were originally good but they become bad from the influence of this world’s environment. So we should turn inward to find our noble qualities. No. 905 Date: 2009.08.15 10.18 Place: France Occassion: International Seminar Language: English & Chinese Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Singhalese Spanish Thai (26) Number of DVDs: 1