During the Moon Festival celebration of 2008 Supreme Master Ching Hai in loving memory of Her mother showed us how to cook delicious and nutritious vegan delicacies such as: Traditional Aulacese (Vietnamese) Pudding Raw Salad with Mint Soyannaise Sauce Fried Vegan Shrimp Wrapped in Rice Paper Crispy Vegan Meatballs and French Fries. Traditional Aulacese (Vietnamese) Pudding was not only Supreme Master’s childhood joy but also Her mother’s specialty.  When recalling the time Her mother was cooking the pudding Master’s heart is full of gratitude for Her parents.  We can never honor our parents enough and Master hopes we do our best to accompany our parents respect them honor them and enjoy their love as much as we can while they are still with us. The Moon Festival is a holiday for joyous family gatherings and we hope all people in the world enjoy the situation that the Supreme Master envisions: our planet truly achieves permanent peace so that no family members ever have to be separated from each other again and they can enjoy each others’ love while their physical existence last.  We hope every day is like the warm Moon Festival and everything in the world can also be as perfect and complete as the full moon.
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