Why does someone with snakes inside not know this himself and may even misunderstand a benefactor who is helping him be rid of the poison serpents? How could someone who cleans the chamber pots of other people every day not perceive the fragrance of Heavenly perfume? How does a lost king realize the impermanence of life on Earth and the emptiness of great wealth via a priceless bowl of beans? Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that the ego goes hand in hand with worldly life and is difficult to perceive. Those who are not used to accessing the higher realms of Heaven are easily carried away by low habits. But as long as one diligently practices the Quan Yin Method the soul will be always connected with the heavenly Light. Finally Supreme Master encourages “It is not important what level we climb to. It is more important to learn the common life lessons of humility and serving humankind.”