Highlights ‘Love thy neighbor’ This is an age old adage from which society has become estranged. Today people focus on material gains and profits while forgetting to live as loving human beings who are part of a larger global family. Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that in contrast even Her birds and dogs learn to share once they overcome their initial unfamiliarity with each other and their grumbling gives way to generous sharing. Her birds and dogs live together in harmony all except an adopted one that sometimes shoos the others away and has yet to shake free of the negative influence from his past. While they slowly learn to live and share all things with each other we humans take a longer time. Perhaps by the year 3000 should humans still inhabit this planet we may finally realize the noble ideal to truly ‘love thy neighbor’. Date: 05/11/ 2002 Place: Florida Center U.S.A. Occasion: Group Meditation Language: English Number of DVDs: 1