Highlights A one-week “Juice Fast for Peace” was held in Culver City California USA by famed health specialists and spiritual leaders Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D. and Reverend Michael Beckwith Ph.D. All the participants experienced the purification of body and mind and elevation of spirituality suggesting that fasting has truly unbelievable benefits to our body mind and spirituality. When relating fasting to healing of the Earth Supreme Master Ching Hai said through video conference with the participants “It is not just a one week fast it also awakens our inner courage. At least in a short period of time after the fast you would have the courage that you can do anything and you can fast for an even longer time let alone just change to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Therefore after one or two weeks of fasting you would feel you are invincible.” Date: 03/07/2009 Place: Culver City CA USA Occasion: Video conference Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Dutch English French German Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu Number of DVDs: 1