On this unique and special day Valentine’s Day Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds the fellow initiates: Love is very important and can be cultivated. Consideration for others is also a kind of love. Without love one can go nowhere on the ladder of evolution. She also emphasized: “If you have more love you do help me.” The Supreme Master says that if everybody knows that they are loved they are from love and they exercise that love negativity will be doomed. The physical body in a way feels transient but it is a treasure. It is a temple of God with a lot of magical power and love installed inside. We must exercise our love so that the world will have more positive power and light then people will change and the planet will also change. Date: 2009.02.13 14 Place: France Occasion: International Seminar Language: English Aulacese& Chinese Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Spanish Thai (25) Number of DVDs: 1
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